Value Based Pricing

Live Vibe Audio, LLC consumer and professional audio business uses Manufacturer-Direct pricing and customer support. After many years of experience, we are confident this model is ideal for the end-user and for Live Vibe Audio to provide solutions of unequaled capabilities and consultation from the designers and engineers of each product.

Live Vibe Audio pricing is based on a fair approach that accounts for the use of leading-edge design, the finest materials, and U.S.A. manufacturing and stringent quality control. Everything we provide is backed by a time-honored 100% Total and Complete Satisfaction Guarantee and expert advice during the lifetime of the product.

This value-based approach provides our clients with an honest and straightforward relationship. There are no inflated markups to accommodate different distribution platforms or inconsistent treatment of clients. Our uniform and consistently applied pricing method reflect what we do and how we do it: providing superior solutions, expert consultation, and performance far beyond competitive offerings.

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