Soundstage Audio, LLC Policy: 

If a trade-in offer occurs within one year of time from the original date of purchase, the original purchase price is applied as a credit to the higher costing and performing Soundstage Audio product. 

After one year of time from the original purchase date, a 15% refurbishing fee is deducted from the original selling price. The balance is then applied as a credit towards the higher costing and performing Soundstage Audio product.

Should the trade-in product show extreme signs of wear and tear or the client did not originally purchase the product from Soundstage Audio or any of its affiliates, a representative will contact the client to discuss the product and provide a fair trade-in offer. 

All trades must be returned in good condition. The product will be inspected prior to credit allocation towards the new purchase. Should Soundstage Audio and/or the client disagree, or the product arrives in a poorer condition as previously described by the client, Soundstage Audio has the option to accept, negotiate a new offer, and all rights to return said product to the client. 

Trade-in product will be returned, and the offer disqualified if showing signs of any customer abuse whatsoever and/or freight damages incurred from shipping to Soundstage Audio. 

The client is totally responsible for insurance; shipping costs and packaging all returns. 

If the original packaging is lost or destroyed, shipping boxes and packaging materials are offered by Soundstage Audio for an additional fee.

There is no time limit or expiration regarding products offered for Trade-In & Trade-Up Program. 

It remains the goal of Soundstage Audio to accept the merchandise in trade, offer fair credit for the traded product and continue to earn the client’s business.

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