To say we were astonished would be an understatement

Robert Maicks
Star Sound Technologies, LLC
1960 Meredith Place
Uhrichsville, OH 46683


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness in loaning us the Sistrum Equipment Rack and Single Component Stands for use in the Harmonic Technology Suite at CES 2001. The fact that your “posse” set them up and placed them for us was just the icing on the cake. The significance of their role in the remarkable sound we were able to achieve is undeniable.

I don’t know if I ever fully related to you just how effective they were, so let me take just a minute or two of your time. I have played with literally hundreds of equipment and speaker stands over the past three decades, but until I heard, or to be more accurate – didn’t hear, the Sistrum stands, I would not have believed that “mere” equipment stands could afford such a positive sonic transformation.

We set up our total system on the carpet covered concrete floor of the suite, hooked it all up and let it run from early Thursday through mid Friday to get everything “warmed” up. Our system was comprised of the following:

C.E.C. TL0 Mk II Transport ($18,000)
dCS Purcell Up sampler $(5,000)
dCS Elgar DAC ($12,000)
Rowland Design Group Model Twelve Mono Amplifiers ($14,500)
Talon Khorus Loudspeakers ($14,000)
Sound Applications CF-X Power Conditioners ($8,400)
Harmonic Technology Magic Products ($14,000)

We spent a good deal of time listening to the equipment as it sat, before moving it to the Sistrum stands. I must tell you that I never expected the degree of improvement we discovered immediately upon installing our electronics and speakers on these impressive and highly effective products. We did so in stages, moving just the electronics first, and then later installing the single component stands under the Khorusí.

Clarity improved dramatically. Resolution of individual instruments and happenings down low near the noise floor were recreated with unmistakable ease and definition. In fact, the implementation of the stand seemed to lower the noise floor – to darken the “space” from which the music emanated. The attack and decay of instruments were ridiculously clear and accurate, recording permitting. We could hear further into recordings and noted a greater sense of space and air around instrumental voices.

Speed was improved to a remarkable degree as well. Transients and micro dynamics were handled with newfound deftness and alacrity. This was such a surprise, as the Talons are so ridiculously fast to begin with. Drum strikes sounded so real. Bass guitar runs took on the sense of being right in the room. What a wonderful set of attributes, and to such a degree as I have never been able to attribute to an equipment stand before.

Timbre somehow became more truthful, which is never an easy trick to accomplish. Pounding pianos, blatting trumpets, resounding drums, plucked and bowed strings all had a new “rightness” about them.

Okay, so what about the single component racks under the speakers. I was convinced that it couldn’t get any better, but we thought we would give it a try. We figured we had nothing to lose and were quite curious.

Well, guess what? More of the same! This was unbelievable! We had been using the premium spikes provided by Talon for the Khorus. I just couldn’t believe that there could be so dramatic a difference with the single component stands installation. But it was undeniable. Even more clarity, greater resolve, more air and detail, greater speed and in general, and yet another step closer to the truth.

To say we were astonished would be an understatement. I truly had not expected anything as dramatic as I witnessed. Your explanation as to how the products would work as they were being set up made sense. It reminded me, to some degree, of the original Linn philosophy. Though intrigued, I had to admit that I was prepared for very little to happen. I am able to tell you that it was one of the more pleasant surprises I encountered at 2001 CES.

I hope the word gets out on these remarkable products. I know I am telling everyone I talk to just how significant they are. Best of luck and a sincere thank you for helping to make our presentation at CES 2001 unforgettable to everyone who stopped in for a listen.

Best regards,

Greg Weaver
Design Team Leader
Harmonic Technology

By: Greg Weaver

Design Team Leader, Harmonic Technology
January 15, 2001