Sistrum Rack Success

Robert Maicks
Star Sound Technologies, LLC
1960 Meredith Place
Uhrichsville, OH 44683

12th February 2001

Dear Robert,

I’d like to thank-you for your generosity in providing the Sistrum racks for
our room at THE Show 2001 in Las Vegas last month.

It had been quite an exercise trying to find a suitable rack that was
aesthetically pleasing, at least and when I came across your site on the
web, I was immediately convinced I’d found the right thing ! Obviously, when
doing a show under such strenuous conditions, the priorities are getting the
amplification and the speakers to sound as expected. However, as soon as we
placed the Kora components on the shelving we were immediately surprised and
impressed by the dampening qualities seemingly inherent in the racks. Not
only would we have a rack that looked good but one that (finally !)
delivered the goods globally!

This later proved to be the case when the system was finally installed and
turning. Back in France, we’d been working with a CD player that, although
sounding very good on a sonic level, had certain problems mechanically, that
caused it to jump under the slightest excuse, including walking nearby. This
problem was definitively solved by Sistrum racks and not once during the
show did the CD play up.

It is rare to find a rack system that can simply and effectively reply to
both aesthetic and mechanical needs in the audio industry, but we here at
Kora feel the Sistrum rack succeeds on both levels. Thank-you once again,

Jeff Starrs & Francios Philibert

By: Jeff Starrs & Francios Philibert