Sistrum Platforms Initial in Great Britian

Hi Robert,

Well… it all arrived safely and is set up, with the equipment on the shelves, and VR5s on the platforms.

I set up the speakers first and lsitened for a few hours before going on to set up the main rack

The speaker platforms immediately made an impression. Bass was cleaner and better defined, with much more detail. As you may know, the VR5s are capable of getting down below 30Hz with the right source material and equipment. The Perreaux 350P amplifier is recoginsed as having an exception bass capabiltiy. Linked with the SR101 platforms the true capability of the combination of the Perreaux and the vonn Schweikerts started to shine through. Detail and resonance, previously just hinted at, or absent, became apparent and double basses began to really sing. Detail and transparency up through the range was vastly improved, as was image focus, and soundstage width and depth. Instruments and voices had a far greater clarity and presence with a relaxed natural timbre. After listening for some hours, I did begin to wonder how much of an improvement could realistically be expected from setting up the rack itself.

Assembling the rack was easy; moving it about after assembly definitely a two man job. The Perreaux amplifier weighs 80lbs and manouvering it onto the bottom shelf was one of those situations which allows one demonstrate that Bullshit Beats Brains: I placed a pile of books at the front and to each side of the rack, lifted the amp onto the front pile and eased it forward so that it rested on all three piles and over the shelf and upward pointing audiopoints. I then positioned it where I wanted it to be and lowered it onto the audiopoints by judiously removing the books. Yes, it is true that if I had the rack between the speakers, then the easy way would have been for two people to lift it onto the bottom shelf before adding the other three shelves; however, I have the rack in the left hand corner next to, and slightly behind, the speaker, leaving space for only one person to work. The other pieces were no problem, the pre-amp and Sony SCD-1 sitting straight onto the audiopoints, the turntable requiring a solid shelf between it and audiopoints because of the inset base.

Listening to the first track, it was at once apparent that something startling had happened. It reminded me of the time when I first used the Nordost Valhalla cables; as on that occasion, the difference was scary. Every parameter that had improved when adding the SR101s was now further improved, and in addition there was a sense of “naturalness” about the sound which was breathtaking. One of my favorite works is Verdi’s Requiem, in which there are passages where the sopranos are singing together (the Sequenza – Pieu Jesu – is one example), now, for the first time, the individual notes and threads of the sopranos could be heard weaving a curtain of sound distict, but coherent with, the orchestra behind. This work, as you will know, is almost unique in the way it integrates voice and full orchestra; this is the first time I have felt the full beauty of it outside the live concert hall. This sense of detail, naturalness, clarity, and relaxation, is there with both CD and Records, and indeed is rather like having a whole new collection!

I did not expect to find another piece of equipment that would produce as great an improvement as did the Valhalla cables, but I have to say your Sistrum Rack and Speaker Platforms equal them. Superb.

When I’ve cogitated over the turntable, I may decided on the SP-TF top shelf; and the amp stand, so I can put the power supply and MC component on the bottom shelf.

Many thanks again for your kindness in expediting all this; I’ll be in touch again later.



By: Brian

Avid Audiophile