Excerpts from Axpona Show 2019

Best room I’ve heard so far, today… “Dead Can Dance” soundstage extending well beyond the far edges of the speakers, aided by intelligent placement of dual-purpose absorption/reflective traps. Hugh Masekela tested the dynamic capabilities of the system and it did not back down. “Woo, woooo!” A little system with amazingly big sound. – Dennis Young, AVNirvana, AXPONA Coverage

Skipping down to the Audiothesis room in 1410 I heard clean, clear music from Rosso Fiorentino stand mounted speakers that upheld the reputation of that brand from my experience at the Montreal show where they used to appear regularly. Excellent physical and stylistic quality at prices deemed quite reasonable within this quality range. They are, after all, from Italy. The sleek contemporary electronics here included a Lumin server and Norma Audio, a 20-year-old company from Cremona, Italy, that I have not seen often, if ever. I’d say they deserve more exposure. Cabling here was from WireWorld.- Rick Becker, Enjoy the Music, AXPONA Coverage

Derek Skipworth’s showing of Norma Audio electronics and Rosso Fiorentino loudspeakers and Star Sound Technologies support systems, would have made my top-five list of AXPONA 2019 — had I made it to their room before the shows end. Thankfully I have a second chance to hear this show-stopping system at length over the Lone Star weekend. Everything about this room screams refinement and detail. If you want to set yourself up with an benchmark sound at the show, start with this Audio Thesis room. – Eric Franklin Shook, Part-Time Audiophile, LSAF Coverage

By: AVNirvana, Enjoy the Music, Part-Time Audiophile

May 1, 2019