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Bob Maicks,

I thought you would like to know the results of my first testing of your
Audio Points.

I brought the collection over to Water Sound Studio, owned by Carlos Castro.
Carlos engineered the Latin Grammy Album of the Year by Luis Miguel. He has
my monitors and cables and the system is extremely revealing. He has been
using the Jumbo DH cones.

First we substituted your smallest feet. These were not as good as the DH
cones. Next we put the discs under the points. That was way too thick
sounding with not enough detail.

Carlos said he thought it was not a fair test because of the difference in
So we went directly to the largest Audio Points.

They were very good and had much better resolution, but a little thin
compared to the DH cones. Since the discs thickened up the small cones, we
put them under the large Points. Now that was something! Much better than
the DH cones.

I said that you had said that the Sistrum Platform was going to obliterate
any other combination. We put it in place and Carlos’ chin hit the floor! He
said “You know that you’re not leaving here with them, don’t you?”

The platforms raised the speakers by the same amount that the small Points
lowered them. Only this time it wasn’t a problem because it sounded so good.

As always, I like to take things on a tour of studios and mastering rooms to
see how they respond in a variety of situations. The tour will continue
shortly. I’ll keep you updated.

I guess I’ll have to order some more platforms. Then I’m guessing every time
I demonstrate I’ll be ordering things.

We’ll talk soon.

Ken Goerres – President

By: Ken Goerre

President EXAKTE Recording Studio Design & Engineering