Audio Points initial installation

It’s only been a few hours since I installed the Audio Points under my speakers and amp.  Man, what a difference!  The soundstage immediately opened up and became more focused.  The highs have more air and seem more extended.

In short, send me more!

I want to get 3 more for under my subwoofer (I think your literature recommends the 1.5AP1D).  Just an FYI, my subwoofer is sitting on fairly thick shag carpet.

Do you know if the feet on a Sony XA777ES SACD player can be unscrewed?  If so – I’d love to add some of your threaded points to it.  If they can’t, I’d love to try 3 of your 1.0AP1D points under it.

A very satisfied customer,

Rob Lee

By: Rob Lee