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Update. Tonight I brought your Points to Beau L’Amour’s studio. He is the
son of Louis L’Amour and publishes his father’s books on tape. He has my
speakers and cables.

His situation did not allow the use of the smallest Points. When we put in
the medium Points, it was an improvement but not earth shaking. When we put
in the large Points and discs, as at Carlos’, that was very good.

We tried replacing the feet at the bottom of the speaker stands with the
threaded Points, but his stands were an earlier model which used Fowler Big
Toes and the threads were not compatible. We put the in loosely and the
improvement in bass dynamics was substantial.

He would not let me leave with them.

Two demos, two sales. I think you see where I am going with this. I will
assemble another order and get back to you soon.

You said I would like these. Yeah you right.

Ken Goerres

Reply to Ken Goerres:

Thanks Ken and as always your input is greatly appreciated, valued and
If you ever have the chance, try the SP-004’s under the recording desk. The
SP-1’s are the better design for this purpose but we know the 004’s will
provide interesting results as well.
As always – Good Listening.
Very truly yours,

By: Ken Goerres

President EXAKTE Recording Studio Design & Engineering