Audio Points in New Zealand

Hi Robert,

Greetings from Middle Earth. (-:  Well I have to say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” and also “Congratulations” with a capital C on such a fine product. Without doubt the Audiopoints are far and away the best audio product I have purchased in years. My system has always been flat and lacking in dynamics and now it literally sparkles. The performance of both my CD player and amplifier have lifted to a level I did not think possible. There is so much more mid and top end detail, the bottom end has tightened and the sound stage is deeper and wider. Generally speaking, listening to music is just so much more enjoyable. It is almost like an invisible veil has been lifted off the music. Where I would normally listen for about an hour each night, listening sessions have now extended to four or five hours every night for the past week. I wonder however if I could lift the performance of my system further and would seek your advice on the matter.

Having read the Live-Vibe Technology section on your web site, I’m concerned that I may not be reaping the full benefits of the Audiopoints as I have my equipment sitting on a sand filled rack!  It is a four tier rack constructed from tubular steel consisting of four hollow cylindrical steel uprights and sixteen hollow rectangular cross supports. The cross supports are welded to the uprights. The uprights have removable caps for easy filling and each cross supports has two small holes also for this purpose. The rack is coupled to a carpet over concrete floor on four threaded spikes and is completely filled with sand. My components sit on MDF shelves and are coupled to these with the Audiopoints and coupling discs. My speakers are bolted to custom made stands and each stand is also sand filled and coupled to the floor by way of four brass spikes. I would dearly love to replace the sand with Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel, but I calculate approximately 15 quarts would be required to just fill the rack. Importing this product would cost me approximately NZ$900 not including freight and customs duty and this is unfortunately an unrealistic proposition, so I am hoping that you may be able to suggest an effective alternative.

Kind Regards
Bevan James

By: Bevan James

February 11, 2004