SoundWorks Platforms

SoundWorks Platforms™ are smaller in size targeting the “in-home” recording studio, game systems, cable distribution, and loudspeaker systems, these affordable and totally adjustable equipment support products deliver increases musical performance, enhance the visual in video performance, and can help produce the next multi-million dollar multi-media independent who is currently recording their material from the home. 

All Soundstage Platforms reduce heat in everything placed onto it. The added benefits from temperature reduction are electronic parts surpass standard longevity, the signal and noise associated with electricity become less noticeable with the cleaner sonic, and a higher quality of pictures are the immediate rewards.

Adapts to the smallest audio devices such as computers, laptops, compact speakers, power supplies, radios; transforms video quality under TV’s and cable boxes, expands measurable sound frequency under any Digital playback or recording system, and audibly enhances sound quality where ever SoundWorks is in place.

Guitar and keyboard amplifiers take on a bigger sound extending the attack, sustain, and decays associated with musical presentations and recordings. Great for student environments too!