Rhythm Platforms

Rhythm Platforms™ performance can best be described as an emotionally moving experience getting much closer to achieving the elusive leading-edge dynamics of the ‘Live Performance’.

Rhythm is defined by Encarta Dictionary: the regular pattern of beats and emphasis in a piece of music; a regularly recurring pattern of activity, e.g., the cycle of the seasons, night and day, or repeated functions of the body.

Platform defined: a raised level area of flooring for speakers or performers; a position of authority or prominence that provides a good opportunity for doing something.

First released for consumer consumption in 2014, Rhythm has played a key role in advancing Live-Vibe Technology™.

Over the years Rhythm Platforms earned over a dozen ‘Best Sound at Show’ awards. The highest award to date came in January of 2020 when the Rhythm Platform was chosen as a Most Wanted Component of the Decade, 2010-2020 by Mike Wright, Senior Editor, StereoTimes Magazine 

Fits All Electronic Components – Adjustable Audio Point Grids

Each midnight-black powder coated ‘chemically certified steel’ shelf weighs in at 30 pounds and will easily match up and support the smallest to the largest of equipment chassis and loudspeakers. The Micro-Bearing Steel filled steel and brass support rods easily support over one ton of equipment weight, without bending. 

Rhythm Platforms arrive with the coveted two-and-a-half inch height with a two-inch outside diameter set of brass Audio Points complete with a set of APCD4-Inverted Coupling Discs to enhance component performance and three APCD5 Coupling Discs for the floor Audio Point mounting system. These three-quarter pound brass coupling discs are recommended for use on any surface including carpets. All upgrades are now included in the price.

Test the performance for yourself and compare the Rhythm to any racking concept at any higher price point. We know what the Rhythm Platform is capable of in sonic performance plus it functions as a component, turntable, power distribution, amplifier, and/or loudspeaker platform. The mechanical function is based on physics, geometry, and material science.

The Rhythm Platform performs under anything!