There have been requests for a larger version of the Apprentice shelf design. Listeners were in search of a size capable of supporting deeper amplifiers and speaker chassis. The RP-JR-Essential does that. It is two inches deeper another one-half inch wider than that of the smaller Apprentice footprint. The Essential Platform also increases subwoofer stability and features the three most popular sizes of Audio Points. Budget, sizing, and sonic performance make the Essential capable for anyone’s playback system.

As you move up the ladder, the larger the Audio Point used makes for the better the sound quality and reproduction.

All Rhythm Junior Platforms come with the APCD4 Coupling Discs for equipment and flooring contact points. This includes the use of carpeting too.

Guitar Players take note: This Platform is amazing whether it’s a Fender, Crate, Vox, or Marshall, you will feel the change in your fingertips and the band will hear everything no matter how large or wide the stage and guaranteed to be a bass player’s dream come true.