The Live Vibe Apprentice™ is a geometrical mechanical grounding plane governed by the laws of physics, motion, and gravity designed to maximize sound quality from the equipment you already own. They will further reduce the added and unwanted frequencies generated from vibrating wood shelving and racking systems permitting the natural sound of your components to fully develop into the listening environment. The Apprentice Platforms are capable of residing on the flooring for use with amplifiers and loudspeaker systems.

The Apprentice Series was reverse-engineered from the original award-winning Sistrum Platforms™ that was introduced to the High-End Audio and Home Theater Industries in early 2001. 

There is a choice of four models of this 14” x 14” single-shelf trapezoidal-shaped platform. 

The most compact model APPRENTICE-JR-1.5 is only 1.75 inches in height including the APCD2 Coupling Discs. These platforms are designed for use with Existing Racking, Wood Shelving, Compact Monitor Loudspeakers, and gaming/computer consoles. Expensive pucks, spheres, and springs stand little chance in mechanical grounding capability in comparison to this full-sized 14” x 14” trapezoidal-shaped adjustable ten-pound platform.

The APPRENTICE-JR-2.5 supports over 1,000 pounds of weight capacity. Its meager 2.25-inch height allows for multiple on and off existing rack shelving. Alone on the floor, this platform easily holds its own in sonic and use value and of course, is guaranteed 100% listener satisfaction.

The APPRENTICE-JR-3.5 outperforms its two smaller brothers adding another half-inch in height and the most popular Audio Point to its framework. Reviewed by Terry London states “The Apprentice Platforms have turned to be one of the most amazing upgrades I have ever experienced in high end audio as a music lover and professional reviewer.” Terry London, Staff Reviewer:  

The APPRENTICE-JR-4.5 takes the Apprentice to its highest level in performance and musical prowess. It delivers the best of the Apprentice sonic signature.

This model is also used for larger, heavier subwoofers too. If you require a smaller footprint that can hold the mass, this Apprentice is the ticket. You can opt for a four Audio Point bearing system versus the standard three points to assist instability.