The RP-JR-ADVANTAGE has been described as an Apprentice on steroids. The additional mass of the shelf coupled with newer geometry positions this platform one step below the finest we currently build. Regardless of an amplifier or speaker system, the Advantage is designed to deliver as promised.

Similar to the majority of our offerings, there are three versions of this design featuring one-inch, one-and-a-half inches, and two-inch tall Audio Points. The results are delivered in succession where there is a clear and unmistakable difference in performance going from the smallest to the largest sizing of Audio Points. Tweeter height worries become non-existent when Live-Vibe Technology is used. 

Do not purchase this product due to speaker height. If you can move the speaker six inches front or backward, height is minimalized as the soundstage grows well beyond the boundaries of the speakers, sound room walls, and ceiling. Choose this platform based on performance and/or budget.