Rhythm JR Platforms

Rhythm JR Platforms™ are engineered from the multiple Award-Winning Sistrum and Rhythm Platforms™.

Rhythm JR delivers the build quality, ease of assembly, and musical performance matched with affordability and fully guaranteed to exceed your listening expectations.


The primary goal was to provide an undeniable musical presentation using the highly respected vibration management technology known as Live-Vibe Technology™, the Science of Resonance Transfer. 

Secondly, we wanted to reintroduce compact monitor platforms that were discontinued during the great recession of 2009. 

Technical Merits:

  1. Rhythm Jr Platforms establish congruent mechanical grounding pathways by optimizing the Energy Transfer Model where resonance flows at high speed from the equipment chassis to the greater mass of the floor or earth’s ground. This process dramatically decreases unwanted noise while increasing the response time and expanding the bandwidth of the platform and its ability to instantaneously return to its neutral acoustic state.
  2. The rod support system guarantees resonance flows on the surface and through the internal rod assembly using a corroborated geometrical directionality. This application of physics in combination with the known laws of motion, gravity, Coulomb friction, and Coulomb damping vastly reduces the buildup and clogging of resonance in all electrical, electromechanical, and acoustic signals pathways that are vitally important to your equipment’s level of function and sound.  
  3. Like the family of Sistrum, Apprentice, Timbre, and Rhythm Platforms™, Rhythm JR vibrates when electricity and/or shear and compression wave energies are present. The Platform remains in constant motion transferring resonance from components or loudspeakers to the ground leaving each component vibrating on its own independent grounding plane.
  4. This formula for noise reduction allows for each piece of equipment to establish its own level of ‘operational efficiency’ free from the effects of rack chatter, electronic noise, and other variables such as surface reflections that affect the sound. ‘Operational Efficiency’ relates to listeners as a greater sense of width and depth, instrumental and vocal details, decay extensions with an uncanny ability to increase volume while maintaining harmonic structures with a human sense of effortless sound reproduction.
  5. When using any Live Vibe Audio Platform under speakers, tweeter height is a nonissue. Tweeters are a perfect example of the Columb effect on speaker surfaces causing the resonance build-up to limit the 360° proper firing in the round of the drivers. This inefficiency becomes quite noticeable and audible. With the adaptation of Live-Vibe Technology, the resonance is reduced in real-time creating a nonfactor in the formula therefore speaker height issues become minimalist.
  6. If you can adjust the Rhythm Jr Platforms six inches in depth or move them forward six inches closer to the listener the image will be there. Close your eyes when tuning the system because seeing may not be believing. Let your ears do all the work!

Detailing Rhythm JR Parts:

Audio Points™ are the most successful footer system used in audio as their thirty-two years of sales history matched by listener acceptance and being the first audio product ever backed by a 100% Total and Complete Financial Return Guarantee clearly supports the product’s accreditations.

Audio Points are the initial contact point that couples the racking system to each component.

A new Audio Point with a two-inch height is featured on Rhythm Jr Platforms. The newest two-inch high Audio Point delivers quieter backgrounds in comparison to its original predecessor.

Material Science:

The steel and brass are of the same certified chemistry makeup as used in all Live Vibe Audio Platforms. This successful combination of materials allows the geometry to dictate the natural sound of the attack, sustain and decay ‘timing characteristics’ involving music and musical instrument reproduction.

Unlike wood and other materials used in equipment rack construction, it is impossible to hear any sound emanating from Rhythm Platforms™. When vibrating in a musical environment, the frequencies of the materials used are well above and below the range of human hearing capabilities. The platform is silent and has no audible sound, lingering artifacts, or rack chatter, so all you hear in the audible presentation is more of your equipment’s sound and musical qualities.

Form Follows Function:

It has been over two decades since selling our first Sistrum Platform™. In the used market, Sistrum Platforms and Audio Points are a rare find and generally purchased within days of publication.  We state, based on proof in performance and extreme confidence that your Rhythm JR will retain its value with minimalist financial depreciation over time. This fact is one of the very few benefits regarding the depreciation of all audio equipment.


Live Vibe Audio Platforms perform in a highly mechanical state and so does the pricing offered. A better sound is with the Essential lineup, the best sonic would be from the Advantage, and the Premium Sound Performance offered is the Multi-Shelf family of Rhythm JR Platforms. All three series of Live Vibe Platforms are designed for different budgets and deliver an incredible audio up-graded listening experience.