Rhythm JR “Multi-Shelf”

Rhythm Junior “Multi-Shelf” Equipment Platform

Designing a performance-driven, material science-based platform that includes a vibration management technology took much longer than originally anticipated.

From a financial standpoint, the principal problem became affordability due to the rapid inflationary period of this historical timeline established by the Covid19 disease. 

No one saw this coming so instead of applying our standard approach to design, we had to create a marketing concept that would work for the sales, advertising, distribution, and the employee end of the business. 

After spending over thirty years in the Audio Industry going through everything from floods, tornadoes, fuel crisis, the Great Recession, the Covid shut down was and as of 2022, still is the most challenging blockade for small businesses. We are also being challenged by material shortages but remain steadfast to products and materials being manufactured in the USA.  

With all that information set aside, the Rhythm JR Multi-Shelf Platform is coming. The mechanical function maintains the speed and accuracy of the attack, sustain and decays associated with musical notes, our hearing, and the characteristics of music. We have infused the design with Live-Vibe Technology so you are purchasing the latest methodology for vibration management in the whole of the Audio Industry.

Projected retail pricing is estimated at One Shelf – $1,450: Two Shelf – $2,800: Three Shelf – $3900: Four Shelf $5,300. 

Each shelf contains three 1.5” Audio Points, three Turning Bolts, and three APCD4 Coupling Discs that contact the equipment’s chassis. The shelf-borne Audio Points can easily be upgraded to a two-inch body height if you wish to increase the performance of the Rhythm JR.

There are three 2.0” Audio Points for the base of the Platform along with three large APCD5 Coupling Discs included with every platform to mechanically ground the rack to the floor regardless of floor materials including carpets. 

Like all Soundstage Platforms, the overall mass and shelving sizes are designed for ease of use, cable support in the rear of the electronic chassis’, sound quality, and vibration management function.

Shelf and rack width is 24 Inches, depth is 23 Inches with two sizings of support rod heights. Shelving thickness is 0.25 Inches (¼”) so this design is engineered to last forever.