About Us

The Initial formation of today’s Soundstage Audio Manufacturing  & Design, LLC began in 1989 with the release of a conical-shaped product titled Audio Points™, In late 1999 a newer vibration management theorem was introduced positioning the first vibrating equipment rack titled Sistrum Platforms™ as a first in all of Audio. This innovation lead to the discovery of a highly adaptable and scalable vibration management technology titled Live-Vibe Technology™. 

In 2021, the newly named Soundstage Audio was formed. The company reconstruction sets the stage for the next generation of engineers and personnel in advancing Live-Vibe Technology well into the future. 

We the Innovators:

Hailing from the Concert Reinforcement, Recording Sciences, and Musical Instrument Industries, our founding fathers remain involved in music, sound reproduction, and engineering. 

The new ownership and people in charge include:

Miss Janet Plowe – President

Mr. Dale Humphrey – Executive Vice President

Mr. Thomas DeVuono – Product Development Specialist

Mr. John Boyer – Production and Metals Specialist

Mr. Jeff Stephens – Sales Management

Mr. Robert Maicks – Product Innovation

Research and Development Board:

Mr. Peter Israelson – Electrical Engineering 

Mr. Jeff Whetstone – Electrical Engineering

The Founding Fathers:

Mr. Locke Tiffen Highleyman – Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Todd C. Zimmer – Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Robert Maicks – Sound Engineering 

Attorney David E. Roberts – Material Science Engineering, Patent Law Attorney

Dr. Wilbur Highleyman – DEE, SMEE, BEE